Executive Search

Executive Search

Drawing on global resources, we pinpoint high calibre individuals, securing consistently outstanding placements, bringing a unique perspective to the process. As a European market leader in several sectors we have sector specific knowledge, yet our approach is highly successful with a diverse range of global service providers and trading companies. Clients with challenging assignments turn to us with confidence. We manage global salary surveys and shortlisting delivery to guarantee diverse representation for their work forces.

Strategic alliances in Africa, Australia, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East extend our reach to talented candidates worldwide.

The executive search assignment can be revealed or not. All responses or approaches are recorded. Our intention is to develop our long list within 10 working days and then to interview and work with the applicant to understand their motivation in taking the next steps, using competency questionnaires we will probe all aspects of their career. Executive Profiles focuses on the image and the shadow, revealing the complete candidate.

Verification is essential. Candidates make presentations – recorded if required, whilst technical competency interviews reveal depth of business knowledge. Every facet of the candidate, including recent events and professional standing, are closely scrutinised - we are aware of every factor that will influence the decision. Multimedia based presentation of candidates and global interviewing services are available, and when the time comes to discuss the offer, we have considerable experience in salary and contractual negotiations.

Executive Profiles overviews the whole recruitment process, ensuring a positive outcome for all. We handle the change in a partner’s career, even helping to find a new home, anything to minimise disruption. Ensuring the placement is rock solid. Taking nothing for granted.

Your investment is backed up with a 26-week replacement guarantee.

To find out more about executive search or senior opportunities in your area, please contact us.