Hostage UK

Hostage International (formerly Hostage UK) is an independent charity that serves the needs of hostages and their families by providing tailored support services and resources.

Founded in 2004 by Terry Waite CBE and Carlo Laurenzi OBE, their aim is to ensure families of hostages receive dedicated emotional and practical support during and after a kidnap and that released hostages have the same assistance. No one should suffer from this terrible crime alone.

Family and Hostage Support Service

Hostage International runs a free and confidential support service to families during and after the kidnap of a loved one, and to the hostages when they return home. Families and former hostages are provided with a dedicated caseworker who helps them to navigate the kidnap and re-integration phase for as long as they need. Hostage International provides them with information, practical and emotional support and access to specialist services to help them cope during the trying time and overcome the unique challenges they face.

Training and Education programme

Hostage International delivers training and education in family and post-release support to organisations, assisting them in fulfilling their moral and legal responsibilities to employees and their families in the wake of a kidnap incident. The programme includes bespoke training, seminars and participating in external events.

Advocacy services

Hostage International advocates for improved policy and practice in family and post-release support by representing the family voice and providing a platform for families and former hostages to highlight their challenges and needs.

Hostage International is dedicated to the practical and emotional needs of hostages and their families. They do not play any role in the release of hostages.

You can learn more about them on their website here!