Cyber And Its Value In The Corporate World


Cyber and its value in the corporate world

What has free thinking and entrepreneurship to do with security?  Plenty if you work in security and risk management for the right company, where it is aligned to a centralised advisory structure. What has terrorism to do with the corporation? Very little today, unless it causes collateral damage. But in the future, corporations could be culpable for allowing company assets to be used to aid terrorists under new legislation being explored by the government...

The HMG Treasury launched a consultation on 15 September 2016 entitled ‘Transposition of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive (‘4MLD’ or ‘the directive’)’ (‘the consultation’) 1. It outlined how the government intended to implement the directive and the Fund Transfer Regulation 2 (‘FTR’), which accompanies it. The consultation closed on 10 November 2016, with the government receiving 186 responses from a cross-section of stakeholders including supervisors, industry, non-governmental organisations and government departments. A copy of the consultation can be found on  A further consultation providing an update on these proposals, as well as draft Money Laundering Regulations 2017, has been published.

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