Inspiration in HR 2021 winner: Ward Security

Peter French MBE caught up with Caroline after she was presented with Inspiration in HR Award sponsored by IFSEC Global & SSR Personnel.

PF Caroline you are winners of the Award in its 15th year, a great night for Ward.

CC We have enjoyed a superb evening, fantastic organisation, very CoVid safe and we congratulate the organisers for all their efforts.

PF Why is the Inspiration in HR Award special to Ward Security?

CC Our core people pillar of ‘Wellbeing @ Ward’ is embedded in our Business Plan. Fostering employee Wellbeing @ Ward to promote and support all aspects of a healthy physical and mental health agenda is key to our success of how we look after our people.  Our objective is to champion better work and work-lives for an effective workplace for our people.  Our investment in Wellbeing aims to provide resilience for reduced work-related sickness absence whilst improving people engagement, workplace contentment, higher performance and productivity. 

The Award solidifies the work the People team and our teams across Ward undertake to uphold our core objectives. This recognition, not only within the People function but within the sector, demonstrates what we strive for, and continue to uphold excellence in this core objective.  It is a fantastic achievement and enables us to ensure the bedrock of our values that #ourpeoplematter is a living value and is engrained in our behaviours and people culture.  The Award is recognition that we place our people at the heart of everything we do.

PF Do you see this award as making a statement on the care that Ward Security provides to both staff and clients ?

CC Yes absolutely. This Award reflects who we are at Ward.  Internally it will drive us forward to review and evaluate for continuous improvement, externally it delivers a key message to our current and future clients that we look after our people, our people look after our clients.  Both are entwined to deliver our customer proposition of protecting life, safety and assets. For our current and future people, this Award will be a differentiator and provide us with competitive edge from the point of attraction of talent through the who employee life-cycle.  It builds confidence and employee engagement, and retention can only be a positive outcome. In the simplest of terms, we do what we say and this Award cements our actions through best in class recognition and it is a true reflection of our values and of how we treat and support our people every day.

The 16th Inspiration in HR will commence in July 2022 to pre-register email Awards@ssr-personnel.com