Suicide Awareness


Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Security

Trigger Warning - contains references to suicide.

The Security Institute are thrilled to have supported the Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide on the creation and production of “Courage”, a poignant film which aims to raise awareness of suicide within the security industry, and the wider public, and spread a message of hope and courage.

Click here for the short film

The Security Institute have been working closely with the Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide for a while, and were recently humbled to have had the Consortium’s Chair Vicki Vidler as a guest speaker at our “United Together: Let’s Talk about Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Security Sector” event in May.

Speaking of the production of “Courage”, Vicki said “My plea is an appeal to help us make this film go viral. This video may reach someone struggling to cope and remind them of that spark that lights their soul in the dark. It might encourage others to be more kind. It might just save a life and stop another family from going through what my family, and so many other families, go through each year. Please share it as far and wide as possible. It could reach someone who needs to see it. You could make a difference”

Vicki has also announced that she is stepping down as Chair of the Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide with Ian Dyson filling the role as of yesterday. We thank Vicki for all of her hard work, passion and hunger to spread the word and highlight this important cause, within our industry, and beyond.