Developing Your Skills Portfolio And Business Worth Ssr Asis Uk Salary Survey 2018

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Developing your skills portfolio and business worth, SSR - ASIS UK Salary Survey 2018

UK Salary

The Executive Profiles annual salary survey, produced by SSR in partnership with ASIS International, uses data that is collated from more than 12,000 security professionals from across 40 business sectors.

Some of the key findings explored  Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are key factors in job opportunities for the future and will open up opportunities for protectors of secure environments for both people and secrets. The Millennial citizen has the mind-set that if we share information, a host of developers will innovate and add value to its use.

Predictions for 2025 ;  70% of current businesses will no longer exist  and you will have the ability to have your thoughts downloaded and stored, and from time to time you sync the stored and real time thoughts. This could be a way of reversing the effects of dementia. And who will protect these thoughts and integrity of systems?

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SSR are grateful to all of the respondents for their contribution towards the reports.

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