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Report: UK Salary Survey '23

The annual survey 2023 of security professionals in the UK highlights increasing appreciation and value of their role which is much greater than pre-pandemic levels of trust and employer satisfaction against a background of corporate cost control.

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Environmental, Societal and Governance
"Security professionals have a substantial role to
play in the ESG agenda – if they wish to. Most
CSOs have a solid line into the components
that are measured. Sustainability of the
corporation, supply chain, business resilience,
performance monitor through loss prevention,
health, and safety. Societal around our direct
actions in manufacturing, third parties’ use of
our product and, therefore, our brand, or if
you are a social media platform, the risk of a
disgruntled user who arrives at the reception
desk with a handgun as you have ruined their
life. Risk in our operations, moving and
protecting our assets including staff on a
family holiday in Sudan, as a corporation we
want to protect our people.
Environmentally many security leaders will
have an oversight of functions that have
controls that can assist the corporation in
gathering real-time information, including
building occupation, internal monitoring for
small groups of workers that need non-core
hours access, who could be assisted around a
building through hologram assistance"