The Middle East Salary Survey Report 2018

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The Middle East Salary Survey Report 2018

The SSR & Executive Profiles global salary survey, supported by ASIS International reviews more than 12, 000 security professionals (nationals and expatriate) with data gathered from multiple sectors, including; the finance sector, manufacturing, hospitality, extractives, FMCG and logistics. In 2018 salary increases for senior management roles averaged 2.9% according to Oxford Economic, with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia expected to have more generous increases in 2019 and a regional increase for mid management roles will exceed this, possibly up to 5% for roles in cyber that as a sector the UAE has sponsored and invested in. Part of above average rise will be accounted for by Arab Millennials who are now seeking employment in the digitization of the business world.

The fastest growing security roles that SSR has tracked in the Middle East in the last 12 months are those in Cyber Security. These have also had the largest average salary increases (over 7%) in the last two years. This is largely due to an increased demand for cyber professionals, which have traditionally been in short supply regionally with a lack of local talent.  More cyber-attacks targeted at the Middle East along with the consumer shift to mobile data processing and evolving web technology, have increased demand for such professionals.  We are predicting an increased level of local talent coming to market in 2019 through more nationals seeking qualifications in digital processing, content protection and cyber prevention.

Middle East Salary Survey

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If you are attending the Intersec Conferences & Workshops in Dubai 20 – 22 January, then contact Andrew Hudson Director SSR ME in Dubai (pictured right of the below image).  Andrew is an experienced recruitment professional, working from Dubai since 2004. He has enjoyed working as a senior manager of a multi-national security company, managing their ‘in-house’ recruitment service. It soon expanded to cover a wide variety of sectors internationally – operating in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Andrew has been involved in international project recruitment, Executive Search & Employee outsourcing.

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SSR Middle East at Intersec 2017 - (Pictured Massoud, Saumiya, Nisha, Jenny and Andrew)